Forever Lies!

October 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dear Forever21,

I have had it with you and your lies. I was on your site tonight – yes it’s Friday night and I’m online shopping – never mind that. As I was saying, I was on your site tonight, and once again you were modeling clothes that do not exist in your store. I see them on the model, but I do not see them TO BUY. This does not make any sense to me. Essentially you are saying that the model is too good to wear your poorly made hoochie clothes. Instead, she will model a very similar but more expensive hoochie version. I do not understand this. Here are some examples I found:


Picture 12Though I would never actually wear this sheep-herding poncho, I do not see anything like it in your options given. Like I said, similar, but not the sweater being modeled.


Picture 13

Again, you mention a “studded leather” but the jacket you offer has no studs. No studs Forever21. Where are they? You’re not fooling anyone.



OK, I’ll give you the skirt because frankly I can’t tell, but the sweater? Totally different colors and she’s wearing a crew neck. NOT a V neck. I’ve seen this sweater in person and frankly it’s long enough to be a dress. This would never go with a skirt. Lies all lies!

Seriously Forever21, why do you tease me so? You advertise clothes that are not actually your own. Please explain.

Forever Fashionably Frustrated (yeah alliteration),


PS: I still love you.


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