Meet Amy Atlas

October 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Picture 3

Stay tuned because Anna has an adorable Halloween themed post lined up for you tomorrow all about Amy Atlas and her fabulousness, so I thought I would throw my 2 cents in and do a little introduction about Amy. If you haven’t checked out her website yet, please do so. She does fabulous work and is best known for her drop dead gorgeous candy table displays. She’s been featured in numerous editorial features and she’s one of the hottest industry leaders in weddings today. Every table she creates is one of a kind, tailored to a specific color palette and theme and the candy and other baked goodies are just to die for! I would have killed to have one of her displays at my wedding, but I would have probably gone broke if I had made it happen, haha. Check it out:

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 5

I actually had the chance to meet Amy Atlas last night at the Martha Stewart Wedding 15th Anniversary party at the Plaza Hotel. She is just great! Obviously talented, but nice and down to earth to boot. She’s so normal, and there’s something so peaceful and organic, (do I sound like a crazy New Yorker already?) about watching her work. She’s very precise, very particular about the placement of EVERYTHING. But, naturally, that’s what it takes to create perfection. Yes, I know, nothing’s perfect, but I would say Amy Atlas’s works of art are about as close to perfect as one can get. The table she designed for the Martha party was pink and gold themed to match the party motif and she had an assortment of light pink M&M’s, bite sized cupcakes that gave me a stomach ache because I ate too many, baby pink rock candy, mini macaroons and all sorts of color coordinated petit fors.

Setting up the cuteness!

Setting up the cuteness!

The finished product!

The finished product!

Sorry for the crappy pictures, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the table in all it’s glory since there were 1000 people there. I had to snap a few quick ones and run! Below are some more gems from the evening, everything was just beautiful! Make sure to check out Anna’s post tomorrow on more Amy Atlas eye candy 🙂

The front entryway in the Terrace Room

The front entryway in the Terrace Room

The cute buttons handed out to guests as they arrived!

The cute buttons handed out to guests as they arrived!

They said quirky little things like "Don't Elope!" and "Wedding Band Groupie"

They said quirky little things like "Don't Elope!" and "Wedding Band Groupie"

The Party!

The Party!

Sorry for the bad pictures all around. I helped set everything up, but never really got to see the finished product since I was working most of the night, but I tried my best!

A: Found some more pictures of the event on Amy’s blog that are really good. Here are a few:




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