A Real Life Bella and Edward!

October 21, 2009 § 3 Comments

OK well sort of. Minus that whole vampire bit and “Edward” doesn’t look like Robert Pattinson, but still! Very sweet and romantic.

The couple is from Forks, Wa and their wedding took place in Port Angeles. (I wonder if they served mushroom ravioli at the reception!) Here’s an exert from Wiley Valentine’s blog of their story written by the bride:

We both grew up in Forks, Wa. (home of Twilight!) Our first memory of each other is on the bus, I was in 2nd grade, he was in 4th. I thought he was the cutest boy I had ever seen. In early Feb. of 1989, he wrote me the first note. They are full of young love romantic promises of forever love that he made me. We dated from 89-91, for 3 years, at which time he moved to Port Angeles, and although we kept in touch, we didn’t continue dating. But he promised me repeatedly that some day he’d marry me. But over the years, although we were never in touch, we thought of each other from time to time. And he came to try to find me in the city I was living in, he found out where I worked, and he felt compelled to apologize for breaking things off with me. And I was off work, and planning a wedding. He took it as a ’sign’ and gave up hope for what ‘could’ve been’ and joined the military. I heard that some guy came in and asked for me, and I always wondered if it was him. After we both had gone through painful marriages and divorces, I got a message via myspace (of all things!) in my inbox: “Hey you, I know you.” He had found me, searched me out. We caught each other up on the last 16 years, and then finally, he made a trip out to CA to visit me. It was like no time had passed, and it was like we were all grown up so it was very different, all at the same time. A year later, he proposed on the same beach that we had our first date on, and although we were going to wait till August 2009, he said he didn’t want to wait another day to make me his wife.  So in June, we decided to throw together a real ‘hometown’ wedding.

courtney1Instead of gifts, they asked the guests to bring a dish with the recipe attached. The bride did all the flowers as well as her own hair and makeup. They hung childhood photos of themselves above the cake and even included the love notes they wrote to each other as kids! So sweet!!

courtney2Just goes to show you, you can have a sweet beautiful wedding without dropping tons of cash. I like this one because of how personal it was. This is how a wedding should be!


§ 3 Responses to A Real Life Bella and Edward!

  • Beth says:

    This is so gorgeous!! It made me smile… I hope my wedding is that sweet! Also your laundry post made me laugh, I’m doing laundry right now and ummmm…. yea sweats and a 10 year old fleece. Looking glamorous indeed.

  • Carrie says:

    The photographer is amazing. Karen ReVelle just has that eye and I hope I can book her for my wedding in Irvine, California next year. Thanks!

  • Awww, I am touched that your re-posted the blog featuring our story and our wedding! What an honor! And yes, Karen ReVelle is an amazing photographer and I recommend her to everyone, even those who aren’t in SoCal, she travels! Her prices are incredibly reasonable and you get so much!
    Again, I love that you featured the wedding, it’s an honor! xoxo!

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