October 21, 2009 § 5 Comments

I’m still trying to decide what to be for Halloween. I’m in love with Anna’s Lady Gaga costume and I want to do something that’s just as statement worthy. But what to be? Gone are the days where mom and dad used to dress me up as a duck, or a bumblebee or a kitty cat and parade me up and down the streets to go trick-or-treating. And gone are the days of college where dressing up for Halloween turned into a competition of who could wear the least clothes and look hot. I have zero plans for Halloween this year and no costume to support them, fooey. I must change this stat! In this time of desperation, I must stay calm and just think:


The Basic Black Cat

The Basic Black Cat

1. You naughty girl Martha in your kitty cat costume. Sorry to say that I was a cat multiple times when I was little and I think it’s been played out. What else you got?

A: When did you go as a kitty? I went as a kitty like 4 times in a row. I think Mom got so bored with me wanting to be a kitty every year the last year I was a “Ballerina Kitty.”

Fresh off the Beach!

Fresh off the Beach!

2. Surf’s up dude! As much fun as you look like your having, Marth, I think I’ll pass up the chance to look like a beached whale on Halloween. Next!

A: Did she seriously wear this? It seems so un-Martha like.martha3

3. Here we go, now we’re getting somewhere! The Morticia and the Aphrodite, very clever Martha, very clever. And way to rock out the KISS wig and makeup on the left.

Ironic on so many levels...

Ironic on so many levels...

4. Medusa. Really Martha, Medusa? Are you just trying to connect the dots for people? You are the Anna Wintour of your industry; so perhaps try to soften your image a bit more. I’m getting no halloween costume inspiration here, any more ideas?

What the $%&#?

What the $%&#?

5. Creepy Martha, just creepy. I don’t even know what this is.

Well, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me. Maybe I’ll just throw a sheet over my head, cut some holes out and be a ghost. Stay tuned though, I may have to enlist the help of you, dear readers, to pick out my perfect halloween costume. There might just be a giveaway involved!

A: I’ll try to think of a costume for you. Randy needs one too and I got nothin.


§ 5 Responses to WWMD?

  • Candice Hogan says:

    It’s totally not statement worthy, but I’m going as Rainbow Bright. And since we’re in completely different states, you’re 100% allowed to steal. =)

  • Hey, if you check out Martha’s special edition Halloween magazine for this fall she has a bunch of costumes, including the final photo above. Which is haunted equestrian or something like that, the pictures in the magazine depict it much better. But she also has a gympsy, a sherlock holmes like outfit, and others. I definitely recommend checking it out! (or if like me, you don’t allow yourself to purchase obscenely expensive holiday magazines that you can only enjoy for a week and a half) but one of the above interest you, I can scan the pics/instructions in.

  • KarenNYC says:

    Thanks for your help girls! Love the ideas 🙂 I’ll definitely check out the Martha magazine!

  • rtm says:

    Why do I feel like there’s a story about you somewhere in my mind as a duck??

    As for this – And gone are the days of college where dressing up for Halloween turned into a competition of who could wear the least clothes and look hot. –

    um… come to SF on 10/31. That ship has not yet sailed here. Every woman in town is sluttin it up.

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