Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

October 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

OK we all know the obvious costumes this year will be Jon and Kate + 8, OctoMom, and Michael Jackson. We tried to come up with a few more (20) less obvious ones people could goes as this Halloween. Get ready. Here it goes.

1.) Rachel Zoe – wear outlandish designer clothes that don’t fit, fur coat, big blond hair, giant sunglasses, walk around saying “That’s bananas!” and “I die!” See previous post for example.


2. Susan Boyle – This works better as a guy’s costume. Curly wig, painted on eyebrows, frumpy dress, microphone, and Britain’s got talent contestant number.


3. Speidi – For Heidi, slutty outfit, giant designer purse, ridiculously high heels, lip gloss. Walk around spraying your waterless shampoo. For Spencer, grow out your nude color facial hair, wear a big black cowboy hat, act like a douche.


4. Even better, go as Bret Michaels and Daisy from “Rock of Love” – For Bret, wear a bandanna and rocker t-shirt; for Daisy, wear a hoochie top (no bra) and cutoffs; for both, wear tons of eyeliner, lip gloss, tattoos, and jewelry from Hot Topic.


5. Biggest Loser – this can go multiple ways. You can either stuff yourself and wear a giant “Biggest Loser” t-shirt and spray water on your head to look sweaty. OR you could go with a more festively plump friend and go as The Biggest Loser before and after. Your call.


6. Dancing with the Stars – put on cheesy sparkly leotards and strike poses like this:


or this

or this

7. Project Runway Model – Wrap yourself up in newspaper, leaves, trash, whatever you can find and make it into a couture gown. Good luck with that. “Auf Wiedersehen!”


8. 16 and Pregnant – one of my favorite MTV reality TV shows. That and Engaged and Underage. Stuff a pillow under your Twilight t-shirt, carry a backpack, chew gum, wear a pair of Uggs with a mini skirt, say “like” a lot and you’re good to go.


Exhibit A:


9. The Hang Over Dudes – Works best with 3 people. See photo for wardrobe (doll can be substituted for baby)


10. Flight of the Conchords – glue on some lamb chops, wear square glasses, carry a guitar and talk with a New Zealand accent. Occasionally yell “It’s Business Time!”

flight-of-the-conchords-dvd-first-season11. Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh – This one would definitely get an A for originality if people know what the heck you are. Paint yourself green, cover yourself in seaweed, wear a tutu, carry a bottle of Baileys and occasionally flash people.


12. Real Housewife of Atlanta – Wear a big blond wig, stuff your chest into a gaudy low-cut dress, wear a big rock on your finger, always carry around a glass of champagne and refer to your mystery man as “Big Poppa.” Oh, and don’t be tardy for the party.

kim13. Dexter – Wear a light colored shirt and khakis speckled with blood, fake police badge necklace, rubber or leather gloves, carry a bloody knife and a trash bag filled with body parts or crumpled paper. Whichever is easiest.


14. Weeds girl – Go Green and dress like Nancy from Weeds. Sport a green dress, sassy green heels, and a cannabis leaf in your hair. Hand out something organic looking in plastic Ziploc bags.


15. Lady GaGa at the VMAs – I know I already told you guys I’m going as “Crazy red lace VMAs outfit” Lady GaGa, but you’re welcome to steal my idea or wear any of the other freak show outfits she’s worn.


16. Dirty Dancing – give a tribute to Patrick Swayze and dress up as Baby and Johnny this year. Baby can either wear a tied up white blouse with rolled up “jorts” and keds or the famous pink dress she wears at the end. Johnny can wear black pants and a black wifebeater. And don’t put Baby in a corner.


17. Bear Grylls in Man vs WildWear dirty sweaty clothes, carry an animal carcass over your shoulders or better yet, sleep in it!, drink your own pee out of a snake skin, and eat elephant dung all while a camera crew follows you.


18. Adventureland peeps – Pretty self explanatory. Best to go as a group and carry cheap stuffed toys as props – like “bananas with eyes.”


19. “Pixie Vampire Girl” – Hmm something seems so familiar about this costume…

Picture 4

And lastly my personal favorite:

20. A character that Robert Pattinson has played this year – better yet, get a group and go as all of them!

Salvador Dali


Art from How to Be


Edward from Twilight
or “High School Vampire” according to Hot Topic


And lastly, Edward Scissorhands


Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Tah Dah! Our 2009 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas. Whew. I’m sure there are a ton more out there so feel free to add! We’d love to hear what you come up with!


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