Wordplay costume ideas

October 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

Alright, we all know the “clever” wordplay costumes like One Nightstand, Black-eyed P or The Color Purple, but for those of you who prefer to be even more inventive we’ve come up with a few ideas.

1. COCK BLOCK – defined as: One who prevents another from scoring sexually. Used in a sentence: “At the club, Sal was was about to get Lisa’s phone number, when Nathan came up cock-blocked him by asking him if he found a job yet.”

We took a more metaphorical approach. Carry this shield around with you all night with a rooster on it and cut in front of your friends while they’re trying to meet someone. They’ll love it!
cockblock2. MAN EATER – defined as: A beautiful woman that leads men on and then tosses them to the curb. Used in a sentence: “Damn I was so in love with her, but she turned out to just be a man eating bitch.”

We’re thinking you could wear a bib with Ken doll parts attached to it and either carry some utensils with fake blood and smear a little around your mouth. Don’t blame us though if you can’t get a date.

n1563323. HOT MESS – defined as: When one’s appearance is in a state of disarray. Used in a sentence: “Yo, are your eyes broke, or what? She looked a hot mess when I saw her.”

We were thinking you definitely should look like you’re doing The Walk of Shame with your hair all wild and your makeup smeared, but also consider adding a hot element like fake burn marks, a fireman’s hat, a fan to waft at yourself, or some sort of awesome flame attire:

1363313767_acc25f97d4Like this! but even more hot messy.


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