Razorblade Rant

October 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

2992982679_eb301224a4WHAT!? No Kit Kats!?

I haven’t gone trick or treating in a looooong time –  since 7th grade (it was hard to tear myself away) – so I’m not sure if things have changed with trick or treating protocol. I’m thinking it has though. First of all, on TV I always see kids trick or treating in broad daylight. Who trick or treats when it’s light out?? That’s not fun or spooky at all. Even when I was 4 we went after 6:00 when it was dark-ish. Also, it seems like people have gotten waaaay more paranoid about getting tainted candy. For as long as I can remember there was the urban legend of kids getting razorblades in their candy. And I’m sure it happened once in a while. But seriously, if candy isn’t wrapped or is an unidentified chocolate bar you’ve never seen before, don’t eat it. It’s that easy. I was watching the View today and your doppelganger Karen said that she swaps out her kid’s trick or treat candy for a whole new batch of candy that she bought herself and throws the other away! And Sherri said that they just threw away theirs when they got home. WHAT!? My favorite thing to do was dump out my little plastic pumpkin filled to the brim with candy, scatter it all over the floor and wallow in it see what I got. My mom never took it away. It’s a special occasion so I got to eat it all. And believe me I did. I get that some kids don’t like candy much, but don’t spoil it for those that do. It’s one time a year people. Don’t let a few rumored razorblades and poisonous apples ruin everything.

Just to reiterate my points, here are some trick or treating tips:

1. Don’t eat unidentified Halloween candy (UHC).

2. Don’t eat candy with no wrapper, naked candy if you will.

3. Don’t eat anything that has a razor sticking out of it.

4. And don’t trick or treat in the ghetto.

There. Now Happy trick or treating!



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