Party Deets!

November 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

So the party I think turned out good. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had a turnout of roughly 30 people that were rotating in and out. People had cute costumes. We had a “Freudian Slip,” Coraline – button eyes and all, a Halloween Camp Crystal victim, a male Punky Brewster that many people mistook as Dora the Explorer and made us feel really old. There was a Birds victim, lots of naughty things like a naughty kitty, naughty firefighter, and naughty school girl. Oh and my husband went as Stewie from Family Guy. I made his football shaped head. I think it turned out pretty cool! Lastly, I went as Lady GaGa at the VMAs. Here’s a pic that my husband took on his phone. I’m holding the only trophy I have. It’s of a dog.

gagasPerhaps I should have spray-tanned before getting into costume. Here are a few more pics I took on my crappy camera before the party.

partypicsWe also wrote REDRUM on the mirror in the bathroom and filled the bathtub with fake blood and smeared the tiles with bloody hand prints. Gruesome I know, but way cool. And it didn’t even stain! Me being the idiot forgot to photograph it though so I found a photo that’s similar but def more gory than our tub was. Ours was a tasteful crime lol.


Told you. Gory. Ickth.

Speaking of gory, our floor was so disgusting this morning I had to wear flipflops to walk around. And when I walked, my feet would stick to the floor. Ickth. I mean really, do people walk in tar before they go to parties because the floors are always so black and sticky the next morning? All in all it was a fun night, but I don’t think I’ll be hosting a party again for a while. I forgot how stressful it can be! Being a host is way different than being a guest. Here is a small list I made of the pros and cons:

hostingpartyI’m sure there are plenty more pros and cons, I’m just too brain dead to think of them. What do you guys think?


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