World's Sexiest Accent (Update!)

November 3, 2009 § 1 Comment


According to AOL who polled 5000 women around the world, the Irish accent is the world’s sexiest. It finally beat out French that had been voted number 1 for decades. Sacre bleu!

Coming in second were the Italian stallions, followed by the Scottish in third. Frankly the first thing that comes to mind is Fat Bastard from Austin Powers when I hear a Scottish accent. “I’ve got a turtle head pokin’ out!” Ickth.

Following the Scots were the French, Australian, English, Swedish, Spanish, Welsh, and American accents in that order. Of course we’d come in last. What woman’s going to be dazzled by one of our smooth-talkers? “Hey there lil lady.”

The poll also found that six out of 10 women polled admitted to being seduced by a man purely because of his accent. I buy that. Your hotness level shoots up another few points if you have an accent. You could be a 6 or 7 but if you’ve got a British accent, you’re a bloody 9.

I personally find British and Australian accents the hottest, but Irish and Scottish can be very nice too. The others are okay I guess but don’t do as much for me. Do you guys have a particular accent that does it for you?


OMG this reminds of that scene in Love Actually when the British guy goes to America. LOVE IT.


§ One Response to World's Sexiest Accent (Update!)

  • Beth says:

    I am so with you on the United Kingdom and Oz accents. yum! The rest are kinda eh though. They are just cheesy.
    I’ll take a nice brogue anyday.

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