Trouble at the Wal

November 4, 2009 § 3 Comments

walgreens_logoSo I wanted to get your opinion. I was at Walgreens today, “The Wal,” and I was waiting in line at the pharmacy counter. The lady in front of me turns around and says she’s going to go pick up one more item and leaves her cart in front of me. (Yes, she is using a cart at a drug store. It has 2 items in it. Unless you’re over 70 and/or carrying more than 8 items, I see no reason for a cart. But that’s beside the point.) Anyway, so the guy that was in front of her is at the counter and leaves soon after. The Walgreens guy waves me to step up next. I look around for a few seconds to see if the lady is nearby. She wasn’t. And I really didn’t feel it was necessary to do a quick run up and down the aisle to tell her “hey you’re up!” So I went ahead up to the counter knowing I’d be fast. Well of course when I’m done I turn around and she’s giving me a not-so-friendly look. Well I guess I’d be annoyed too but what was I supposed to do?? There were other people behind me in line waiting too and I was just trying to move things along quickly.

Should I have waited for her to come back? Should I have gone to look for her to say it’s her turn at the counter? What would you have done?? I left “The Wal” feeling kind of bad but kind of annoyed too.


§ 3 Responses to Trouble at the Wal

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