We're Famous!

November 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

Picture 2

Great news everyone! Because you guys are such awesome and avid readers, now, when you search “2 Sisters Blog” on Google, we actually pop up in the search results! Even better news, we’re on the first page of results and only 1 website down. And the greatest news of all, Anna’s crazy post where she outed herself as a Twilight nut is the third choice, bahaha, yes! After googling ourselves, I found it very surprising just how many blogs out there revolve around two sisters. Just on the first page alone you have:

Two Sisters Bakes: A blog all about this little bakery run by 2 sisters in Alaska. So sweet, so special. I’ll be sure to visit them the next time I’m in the hood.

2 Sisters Garlic Blog: A blog all about “Certified Organic Garlic Seed and Gourmet Garlic For Sale!”….excuse me while I just take a moment to say, what the hell?

The 2 Sisters Blog: Ah yes, the “official” 2 Sister’s Blog and our arch rival. They currently hold the coveted first place position in the google search. But in the words of my dear friend Ludacris, very soon we’ll be “comin’ for dat numba one spot!”

Word to yo motha.

And when that day comes and we seize the number one spot, I’ll be sure to do a very obnoxious post and rub it in their face. And yes, it will include the following video from my other dear rapper friend, Nelly. Enjoy.

A: LOL I’m cracking up at our completely unsolicited “2sisters” war that we’ve started with a couple of homeschooled tweens. What is wrong with us?? LOL.


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