When Furniture Attacks

November 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

Our apartment on a good day.

Our apartment on a good day.

Sometimes I feel like my life needs to have a constant comedy laugh track in the background. I mean lets face it, I’m already one of those people who walks to work in the morning jamming out to pre-selected iTunes tracks that I think should be the soundtrack to my life that day. Wait, I’m the only one who does this? Oh.

Well, anyway, Jeff and I do so much stupid stuff that we sometimes even amaze ourselves. This morning is a perfect example. Jeff gets up reeeeeeeeeally early for work, we’re talking 4:45am-5:00am. Yuck. But he’s really great about it and he’s courteous in the morning and never wakes me up. Bless him. But lets back up about 4 hours. I stayed up really late last night because I didn’t have to go to work today, yippee skippee. I couldn’t sleep, and I was super bored, so I decided to rearrange the furniture. Because that’s the most obvious thing to do in a situation when you’re bored, duh. We’re planning to get some new bookcases and I wanted to get the living room ready for when they arrive. So, while rearranging I decided to move this long, skinny table that we have to the hallway. It looks good there. I was pleased with my end result and off to bed I went.

5:00am rolls around and I’m in deep La La land while Jeffers quietly gets ready in the dark. He’s so sweet, he doesn’t even turn the lights on in the morning because he doesn’t want to wake me, awwww. Jeff gives me a quick kiss goodbye, and I respond with a faint “uhhhh, whaaaaaat? Yawn” and I hear him close the bedroom door.

The next few moments are a bit of a blur. Remember, Jeff gets ready in the pitch black dark, and I just happened to add a nice little furniture addition to our front hallway in the middle of the night without him knowing. Everything happened very fast and sounded a lot like this….”BAM! OWWW! WHY IS THERE A TABLE IN OUR HALLWAY!? OW!” (Front door slamming).

When Jeff called me during my secret shopping trip to Old Navy, it was to tell me about the baseball sized bruise that was currently forming on his right knee and to let me know that burglars had broken into our apartment and rearranged our furniture.

Woops 🙂

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