Parent-Proofing the Pad (PPP)

November 25, 2009 § Leave a comment


The parental units arrive tonight. Hide the booze! Wait, we’re not in college anymore. Bring out the booze!

No seriously, Karen and I have been slowly preparing the apartment for their arrival or PPPing. It will be the 5 of us crammed into a one bedroom New York City apartment. A bonding experience it will be.

We’ve just about finished the parent-proofing checklist.

• Dusted, re-dusted and even lifted things to dust under them! CHECK!

• Bought extra TP – CHECK!

• Air mattress – CHECK!

• Family-friendly, sex scene-less, and minimal offensive language movie rentals – CHECK!

• Extra wine – CHECK! need more.

• Rough itinerary for sightseeing. CHECK!

We still need to clean up the tornado of dirty laundry and leftovers that has hit the apartment and then we’ll be good! Are any of you having family over for Thanksgiving? Are you going into a cleaning frenzy to get ready?


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