Extreme Makeover: Apartment Edition

November 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

Ahhh, well, now that the family has officially vacated the state of New York our apartment is slowly starting to take shape again and we’re getting our lives back! We had an awesome time while they were here and we got to do lots of fun things that Anna so eloquently updated you on, (cough, cough Robert Pattinson, swoon!) during her visit. But now that things are a bit quieter, I can finally reveal my new little big splurge for our living room:





Tada! It’s no Pottery Barn catalog, but Jeff and I were being suffocated by all of our books, so it was time to invest in some sturdy new bookcases. And boy did IKEA come to the rescue. We picked these babies up for $60 a piece, a steal! Especially considering we had a lovely gift card, (Thanks David, Christine and Faith!) I know right now it seems like there’s a TON of wedding pictures on display, or as Anna called it, “The Shrine to Jeff and Karen,” but a lot of them are going to be moved to the bedroom….which is still a disaster area.

Oh well, baby steps.


§ 2 Responses to Extreme Makeover: Apartment Edition

  • Christine says:

    yay – looks fabulous!!!! super excited for you guys 🙂 again – we hope to see you next christmas – i have those dates somewhere, but we will be in the city for at least a week or so with family and such from the area and France so hopefully we can see you guys!

  • KarenNYC says:

    That would be fabulous! Keep us updated. Hope you, David, Faith and baby are doing well and are enjoying the holidays. Miss you guys!

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