Toys NOT to buy this year

December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I found this article on The Huffington Post. It lists 15 toys NOT to buy your kids this Christmas. These are just our favorites. Definitely check out the rest though!

slide_3563_50450_largeChild labor made fun.

slide_3563_50453_largeNothing says fun like frisking a plastic figure and making him surrender his shampoo.

slide_3563_50456_largeI wonder if it comes with tiny dollar bills too.

slide_3563_51698_largeGutting and beheading is fun!

slide_3563_51714_largeThe idea of this game is to not be the slowest person to buzz in or you get shocked. Or, try the “Extreme” version where only the fastest player is safe and everyone else gets shocked. The point is: Electrocution = Fun.

Give your kid nightmares for life with Death Threat Elmo. “Kill James.”  “REDRUM! REDRUM!”


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