Do you Google?

December 19, 2009 § 3 Comments

I was just perusing our blog site dashboard and stumbled upon a funny little statistic that I just had to share. One of the tabs that we keep on the traffic running in and out of our blog is what people Google Search for when they come across our blog. Now of course there’s the frequent “Twilight” Google search, or the “Robert Pattinson” Google search, or the “I want to have Edward Cullen’s baby” Google search, wait what? I mean it just comes with the territory. Of course we’d pop up on your search list when you Google anything even slightly related Twilight, duh. But some of your searches had me giggling. Feast your eyes on what you, dear readers, Googled yesterday before you discovered our little blog world.

Picture 2

Now just what naughty gift ideas are you looking for for your boyfriend Chris? And I find it hilarious that you were so name specific. Only gifts for Chris will do! And the tube diaper kitty? Is this a new YouTube sensation that I haven’t discovered yet? Heehee, I wonder which one of our blog posts was tagged to these search items?

Regardless, dear readers, we love you to the moon and back and will always value your readership. Even if you do stumble upon our little piece of the blog world when you’re trying to find inappropriate gifts for your significant other. I’m sure Chris is going to have a very Merry Christmas.


§ 3 Responses to Do you Google?

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