A Tale of Two Boots

December 27, 2009 § 3 Comments

So my sister and I are really into rain boots, remember? Well lets just say that this Christmas, puddles everywhere gained a new enemy. Both my sister and I have a love for Hunter rain boots, but could never bring ourselves to pay that much money for boots. So, naturally, we put them on our Christmas lists hoping that somebody else would be willing to pay that much money for boots. So, Christmas rolls around and patiently we wait. And then Anna spots it. A large, rectangular box that could potentially house her precious boots. Could it be?

Yes! Victory! Her shiny silver astronaut rain boots! But what about me? I sat patiently as the pile of presents was rummaged through and then, wait could it be? A very similar sized rectangular box. I started getting excited as my dad picked it up. I prepared to accept my present when suddenly he hands it to Anna. Wait what?! Confusion sets in. What was in this box? Obviously not Hunter Boots. Anna already had her pair. And then, it happened….


I immediately regressed back to my 6 year old self as the jealousy of my older sister set in. Of course Anna gets 2 pairs of boots, she’s the oldest and blah, blah, blah. Hmph! However, after returning to my grown up self, I quickly realized that there had been a mix up. Apparently “Santa” and my brother in law hadn’t had a conversation before Christmas that would have helped them realize that they had bought a certain Anna the same gift. Oops? Well, it certainly made for lots of laughs and a bit of confusion. But the best part? There was a happy ending after all!


Merry Christmas!


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