Goin' to the Chapel

December 30, 2009 § 3 Comments

There is a tiny little brick chapel in the middle of nowhere out where my parents live in Hillsborough, North Carolina. It used to be St. Mary’s Church. It literally holds about 50 people but is such an adorable little chapel. It’s too old to and too tiny to have any services in, but sometimes people will use it for candlelit wedding ceremonies. I freakin’ love little chapels and take pictures of them whenever I spot one. If I could have another wedding I’d totally have my ceremony in a little white chapel like right out of a storybook. Check out some of these romantic ones I found:

What do you think of having a small intimate wedding in a teeny chapel like these?


§ 3 Responses to Goin' to the Chapel

  • Kristin says:

    Aaahh, I love little chapels! My favorite is also in Hillsborough- St. Matthews, it’s the little Episcopal church next to Cameron Park Elementary. My plan one day is to get married there and have my reception at Ayr Mount. Now all I need is a groom… 😉

    BTW, just so I don’t look like a total stranger who is creeping on your website, I went to Riverside with Karen:)

  • KarenNYC says:

    Ahhh, I love Ayr Mount! I was so close to having my entire wedding there. I wanted to have the ceremony in front of the old house and then have a tented reception on the lawns, but I was nervous about the weather. Sigh, it’s so pretty there. Thanks for reading our blog 🙂

  • Beth says:

    These are ridiculously adorable!! The church we are getting married in reminds me a little bit of these and I am so excited about it!

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