Back from Oregon

January 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is pretty much how I saw Oregon all weekend – from the car window in the rain – but less raincoats and umbrellas. I dunno what it is with these Oregon folks, but no one dresses appropriately for the weather. Maybe they’ve just accepted their fate of living in endless rain. I think I may have spotted a total of one umbrella, 3 hoods, and too many shorts and t-shirts. It’s like they just ignore whatever it looks like outside and dress how they wish the weather was. I for one did not do this and wore my silver rain boots and umbrella all weekend whenever I was forced to leave the indoors.


§ One Response to Back from Oregon

  • Dad says:

    I worked at Jantzen Sportswear in Portland from Nov 1, 1981 through Feb 28, 1982 and it rain/drizzled every day I was out there. Never saw the sun. Lousy weather during the winter months but, from what they told me, the weather is great the remainder of the year.

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