8 Reasons Not to Get Plastic Surgery

January 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

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Sorry for the angsty posts today. Just had to get some of stuff my chest. We’ve all seen Heidi’s new plastic face in the news. I kept looking at it though and it reminded me of someone, or some thing. First it was crazy plastic surgery lady, Cat Woman (bottom left). Then I noticed other celebrities that have gotten plastic surgery like Joan Rivers and Dolly Parton. Then I realized how much they all looked alike! I mean even though Heidi is about 40 years younger than Dolly, they both have that pointy eyebrow, stretched puffy face look. They all do! Natural human faces do not look like this. Frankly it is just gross. They all are trying to attain perfection, and end up looking like some overstretched alien. I think some plastic surgery is fine, but once you hit a certain age, or are mentally unstable like Heidi, it’s time to throw in the scalpel.

§ One Response to 8 Reasons Not to Get Plastic Surgery

  • KarenNYC says:

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention to the news, but before you posted this, I had never seen Heidi’s new face. If you hadn’t mentioned in your post that this was Heidi, I would have never known it was her. What is wrong with her? She looks older now! She has some serious problems.

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