Bunny Slopin' It

February 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well folks, this weekend Jeff, Willie and I along with some of our friends, (shout out to Ashley, Griff, John Mark and Ali!), are going skiing in Windham, NY! Woo woo! The funny thing is though, I’m the only one in the entire group that’s NEVER been skiing. Ever. Not even water skiing. This could get interesting. I’ve got all of the proper ski gear so I’ll be sure to stay warm on the slopes. But, is it considered a “no, no” to stuff my ski clothes with lots of pillows to prepare for the 324973057 times I’m going to fall? I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that I am most definitely going to fall, there’s no avoiding it. So, if I just stare my destiny straight in the face, perhaps it won’t hurt as much? Fat chance.

Oh well. I’ve been watching tons of “How to Ski” videos on YouTube, haha, and they’re surprisingly very informational. I’ve learned that “Pizza Slice” is good and the bigger the pizza slice you make, the slower you go, which is very good. And then there’s “French Fry” which could lead to you screaming down the mountain unable to stop…which is bad, very bad. I think I’m gonna stick with my old friend Mr. Pizza. I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures and videos of our adventures this weekend, I’m sure they’ll be classic. In the mean time, enjoy this hilarious ski blooper and say a little prayer that this won’t happen to me and that I come home with all appendages still in tact and facing the correct way.


§ One Response to Bunny Slopin' It

  • AnnamalSF says:

    We’re going to Tahoe this weekend! I dunno if we’ll be skiing though. Prob tubing and maybe cross country skiing.
    I recommend drinking some to loosen up before you go. Bring a flask.

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