Winter Vacay: East Coast Style

February 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sooooo, like my sister, I also ventured to the frozen tundra this weekend, the only difference being that I attempted skiing for the first time. Ooooooh skiing. Let’s do a recap of the weekend. I didn’t take a single picture. Not one. So, I’m stealing my friend Ali’s pictures from her facebook album. We all stayed at this adorable little cabin in Windham, NY. It was FRIGID when we got there, but after getting the various space heaters and fire going it warmed up….by the next morning at least, haha. Willie had a nice little puppy condo type set up that we put together for him in Griff and Ashley’s room while we were out on the slopes and he did great with it! No barking at all and he was nice and warm! That made mommy feel much better! Although, he did get out once, pooped in their room and Ashley stepped in it. Bad Willie! Sorry Ashley 😦 But she has a dog too, so she was very nice about it even though it ruined her bedroom slipper. I was just glad we closed their bedroom door so he didn’t have the chance to take a tour of the whole cabin, whew!

The guys in front of our cute cabin.

Anywho, so we set out for the slopes on Saturday morning and we were all so excited. Getting all of our gear was surprisingly less crazy than we thought it was and we were out on the slopes in no time. Well, the time had come for me to learn how to ski. I threw my skis on the ground and proceeded to buckle my boots in. Right foot, then left foot. And then it was up the hill to the ski lift…..and then it was up the hill to the ski lift……and then it was up the hill to the ski lift. WHY CAN’T I MOVE!!??!?!? All of our friends had already made it to the ski lift line and there was poor me at the bottom of the hill taking one step forward and sliding two back….and then wiping out gently into a fence. Boo. The skis eventually came off and I walked my butt up the hill, face red and embarrassed.

So, take 2. We get to the ski lift line, I get my skis on and still can’t figure out how to turn around, or walk in a straight line, or even move for that matter. I asked Jeff, “Ummm, shouldn’t I maybe think about taking a lesson before just hopping on the ski lift and going down the hill? What if I hurt someone?” Jeff said that I’d be fine and he’d coach me along the way. And to my surprise, I made it up the bunny slope ski lift, off the ski lift and down the bunny slope without falling once or taking out any small children. Woot, woot! But still, I decided to take a beginner course, (a great idea btw!). While I took the class, Jeff and our friends were off skiing their hard slopes because they’re all awesome skiers, sigh.

Ash and Griff heading up the ski lift!

Pretty view that I never saw because I was too scared, haha.

Anyway, I was the best one in my beginner class, at least my instructor Vinny told me so (thanks Vinny!). I guess it was because I was the only one who didn’t fall the whole hour. Go me! After the class, I went down the bunny slope successfully a few more times and then Jeff decided it was time for me to go down a big girl slope, (a green level slop if you will). Cue the scary music. I started freaking out. We hopped on the ski lift, made it to the top of the mountain and I guess because I was so nervous and shaky, that’s what caused me to wipe out while skiing off the lift. Boo. Embarrassed again. We had lunch with our friends at the top of the mountain. Well, everyone else ate, I sat there nervously contemplating the risk of injury that I was about to face, and then off to the green slope we went.

Everyone was very nice and decided to go down the slope with me, (the slope is kinda boring to them because they’re so good, but since it was my first time they wanted to be there with me, love them!) So, off I went! Made it down the first hill perfectly. Zig zagged my way down the second hill with no falls. And then came the third hill, the third and much steeper hill. Oh God. Here goes nothing. I tipped my skis over the edge and immediately started pizza slicing the mess out of that hill, while everyone else was french frying their way down, I was ordering up some big slices of pizza and zig zagging like a maniac. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as skilled of a right turner as I was of a left turner and I ended up zig zagging my way into a crash about half way down the hill. It didn’t hurt, it’s just falling and I actually laughed at how much of a doofus I looked like. And then it happened. Jeff skied over to help me up and just as I got back on my feet, I hit a patch of ice and skied right into a light pole. I mean right into it. We’re talking legs straddling, face planting straight into the pole and landing on my back. Cool. Oh and then a nasty block of ice shook off the pole and landed on my chest. Cooler. It looked like something out of a cartoon movie. The video below is a good representation of what I looked like, only I didn’t look nearly as cool as this guy, nor did I have as much control. Needless to say, I was done for the day.

We ate at this really yummy French restaurant Saturday night and I had the most amazing bouillabaisse ever! We were all exhausted and incredibly sore, so we were in bed pretty soon after dinner. The next day, I decided to park my butt on the bunny slope and stay there. I was a bit freaked out about the previous day, so I figured it would be best for me to stay in the safe territory of the bunny slope. Or so I thought. About an hour or 2 into skiing, I was finally working my turns like a pro. I was building up the courage to maybe tackle the green slope again when out of nowhere, a snowboarder comes screaming down the hill and clips me as I was making a left turn, sending both of us crashing into the snow. He yelled at me, called me stupid and acted like it was my fault. Because I have eyes in the back of my head. Well, as of recently, I don’t take very well to people calling me stupid. So, I promptly got back to my feet, threw my skis off, ripped my gloves off, threw my hat and sun glasses to the ground, marched over to the 15 year old boy who just clothes-lined me, got right in his face and screamed, “DO NOT CALL ME STUPID!!!” And then marched off like a second grader with my tail between my legs.

I spent the rest of the day in lodge drinking yummy hot chocolate and watching the Olympics. Clearly putting my $60 lift ticket to good use. Oh well, it was my first time, and everyone said that I did exceptionally well for never having been on the slopes….I just have really bad luck. Still, it was a great weekend and I really enjoyed hanging out with new friends and getting away from the crazy city. I told Jeff that I would like to try skiing again sometime soon, maybe a three day weekend type set up. I’m determined to get good enough so that I can ski with friends next time and not be left alone with the 5 year olds on the bunny slope. The 5 year olds schooled me fyi.

John Mark and Jeff, a couple of pro-skiers!

Pretty friends!


§ 2 Responses to Winter Vacay: East Coast Style

  • AnnamalSF says:

    LOL you’re seriously accident-prone. At least you want to try it again. I gave up and never wanted to do it again. I did agree to try snowboarding since neither Randy nor I have ever tried it. That way we can both be beginners.

  • […] Small accomplishments. Anyway, so here’s to this year’s ski trip not ending up like last year’s, and maybe I can harness my inner Shaun […]

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