Clothes Swap!

February 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

My friends and I organized a little clothing swap last weekend. I’d never done it before, but thought it sounded like a cool idea. I went through my closet and was extra liberal in getting rid of things than I usually am because I knew my clothes would be getting a happy home with my friends.

I ended up with 3 giant bags full of stuff. I’m amazed that despite getting rid of 3 giant bags of clothes I still have a closet jam-packed full of stuff – yet I still have nothing to wear. How is that possible??

Anyway, we got takeout food to eat and after polishing off a bottle of wine, dove into each others’ clothes. We spread them all over the living room, sort of like a makeshift store. There were shirts, sweaters, hats, pants and shoes! Well grabbed clohtes we liked and started trying them on and weeding things out. It helps to have friends that are close to your size, that way you don’t have to get things altered. It helps to have more people too (we only had 3), that way you don’t feel like too much of a loser if no one picks your clothes.

I did end up getting rid of some of mine. I like to think my taste isn’t too awful. The other items that didn’t go were too small – at least that’s what I was told and choose to believe πŸ™‚ I myself ended up with a pair of jeans, a pair of capri pants, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes (Jeffrey Campbell!) and a scarf. Not bad considering it was all free right?

Def worth doing with your friends if you’re craving some new clothes and are hard up for cash like me!


§ 2 Responses to Clothes Swap!

  • Helene says:


    A group of volunteers with the Elementary Teachers of Toronto are trying to organizing a clothing swap. We are making a flyer to go to Toronto Teachers. Could we use your image? There’s no money involved. It’ll just be a fun event.


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