March 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Sad, but true. However, I did it! I’m done! It took me one long week working at least 12 hours a day, but I completely spring cleaned my apartment! I feel so accomplished and so clean. Things have been thrown out, clothes have been gathered to take to Good Will, and I even got Jeff to pitch in and help (after much begging and whining). But as of 6:00pm tonight, my apartment is sparkly clorox clean and organized! I’m even proud to say that you can walk in our bedroom again. Willie has taken full advantage of his new found freedom. I think he really appreciates being able to run aorund the apartment without Mommy yelling at him, “DON’T GO IN THERE, NOOOO!”

I’m heading back to NC tomorrow, (traded in our cancelled flight tickets after the snow storm for new ones!), so I’m sad I won’t get to bask in the glory of my newly cleaned apartment. And I’m praying to God that when I return to NYC on Sunday, the apartment at least slightly resembles the beautiful state I am leaving it in. However, after a week of Jeff being a bachelor, not doing laundry or dishes and living off of Stouffer’s meals, I have a small inkling that I’ll be just a tad bit disappointed at what I’ll find when I return.



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