It's Derby Day!

May 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today is Derby Day. That means big hats, mint juleps and horsies! I haven’t had the privilege of actually attending a Kentucky Derby, but I have gone to several parties to watch it on TV and sport a big hat. Other than the excuse to wear a hat, my second favorite thing about the Derby is the creative horse names. Get a load of these I found from this article.

The sexually suggestive names:

Cum Rocket (1969)
Nut Buster (1942)
Blow Me (1945)
Girls On Top (2004)
Get It On (both 1971 and 1986)
On Your Knees (1977 and 2005)
Spank It (1985)
Go Down (1963), whose sire was Service
Jail Bait (1947 and 1983)
Lagnaf (1978)
Barely Legal (1982 and 1989)
Date More Minors (1998)
Golden Shower (1955)
Pleasure Me (2000)
She Can’t Say No (1989)
Cherry Pop (1961 and 1978)
Ménage Á Trois (1974)
She’s Easy (1978)
Yes No Yes (2000)
Strip Teaser (1980)
Rhythm Method (1982)
Bodacious Tatas (1985)
Tit’n Your Girdle (1988)
Kinky Lingerie (1991)
Hard Like a Rock (1995)
Sexual Harassment (1997)
X Rated Fantasy (1999)
Hardawn (1937)
Wrecked Em (1983)
Pussy Galore (1965)
Cunning Stunt (1969)

The oddly funny ones:

No Fat Chicks (1988)
Oliver Klozov (1967)
Spineless Jellyfish (1978)
Lags Behind (1956)
Chicks Dig Me (2000)
Full of Skittles (1996)

And the drug/alcohol category:

Alcohol Related (2000)
Totally Toasted (2004)
Plastered (1973)
Sotally Tober (1989)

And the best one: “Hoof Hearted” Get it? Say it out loud.

And a pirate fan named their horse “Arrrrrrr” lol check it out:


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