Play Ball?

May 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

Saturday was my first softball scrimmage with my team. Also my first softball scrimmage ever in my entire life. No really. I was not an athlete growing up. I would play little disorganized games with the neighbor kids and whatever required sports we had to play to pass P.E. but that was it. So needless to say I was nervous. I wore my new softball attire minus the jersey (we still don’t have them yet). People complimented me on my uber-softball uniform. I may have overdone it, but my motto was, “If you don’t look the part, you can’t play the part.” So I at least looked like a softball player.

Randy came with me and played with us. He of course was great and the second player chosen when we picked teams. Because my teammates are nice, I wasn’t picked last. So I guess that’s good I guess. I was stuck out in right field (shocker) where a few balls managed to come out my way, WAY too far for me to catch, so instead I chased them down and threw them back in. Woo. I was up at bat 3 times. 1 strikeout (see nervous), 1 ground out, and 1 sort of hit – well it was more like instead of throwing me out, they threw the guy on second out. I made it all the way home though so that was pretty exciting.

So all in all, not terrible. Next weekend is our first official game. I’m going to try not to be completely terrified. I’m comforted by the fact that our team is not that great and more interested in keeping their beer in their hand than catching the ball.


§ 3 Responses to Play Ball?

  • Dad says:

    Sounds like a good start, especially the beer part. If they keep you in right field, remember-even if you can’t catch a fly ball, just keep the ball in front of you so you can get it back to the cutoff person quickly. Also, if you have to block one with the face, that’s OK…good to take one for the team. At least you don’t have have to worry about getting hit in the delicates. Ask Randy if you don’t understand that.

    Regarding your uniform, Fernando from Saturday Night Live said it best (and I paraphrase) …it’s better to look good than to play good.

    Love you,

  • rtm says:

    Yeah a good start indeed. The third one was a fielder’s choice. I know that b/c I was the pitcher who fielded it, haha.

  • KarenNYC says:

    Awwww, that’s really sweet of you Randy.

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