What the!?

May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m am still lost about Lost. I cried my way through the entire 2 hour finale and I loved all the reunions and happy ending but i am still confused! Does anyone know what the heck the island is? Is it even real? Is it Purgatory? Did the Losties die in the first episode when the plane crashed? Or was that real and their alternate life post plane landing real? What was the point of the Dharma initiative and Charles Whitfield? Who the heck was Jacob supposed to be? Where the hell is Walt!? And what ever happened to Mr. Ecko? I mean hello? The smoke monster didn’t kill him for nothing did it? I still have questions dammit and will spend my entire Monday searching blogs until I find answers. So if anyone has answers or theories, bring ’em! OK i need to go blow my nose again and get some sleep.

I can’t believe it’s over!!!

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