The Art of Racing in the Rain

June 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

I just started reading this book yesterday. I’ve torn myself (temporarily) away from the Twilight series to read an adult book. It’s written from a dog’s perspective though so I’m hoping to gain insight into how Jack thinks. Maybe I can figure out what was going on in that little head  of his when he peed on me this weekend. Yes. That’s right. He marked me. MARKED me. Lifted his leg and peed on me. I know exactly what he was thinking. “This is MY mommy. MINE. Not yours.” He was talking to the other doggies in the house.

Has anyone else read this book? It’s a bestseller evidently. And I noticed that the author of Water for Elephants has an accolade on the cover. Hehe.


§ 3 Responses to The Art of Racing in the Rain

  • Sheri says:

    Heard about Jack “marking” you! hehehe – guess he showed you who is boss!

  • Emilie Moseley says:

    Anna–So glad you’re reading this!!! It’s a great book; I loved it. Just like any dog lover would. I hope you like it, it’ll make you take a second look at how dogs act and think. Enjoy it!

  • Edd says:

    I ordered it. Any book about a dog has to be a good book.

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