J. Crew Wedding Boutique has Arrived Ladies!

June 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I’m riding in a taxi down Madison avenue the other day, drooling at all of the pretty stores and what to my wondering eyes does appear? THE J. CREW WEDDING BOUTIQUE! We drove by so quickly I couldn’t sufficiently stare at it, but even in my short little glimpse I found it breathtakingly beautiful and I could feel it calling to me…..even though I’m already married, but whatevs. Man if this place had existed while I was wedding planning, things could have gotten bad and seriously expensive. The boutique officially opened last week and is a huge hit in the city. Check out some of the pictures below from opening night. Special credit and thanks to the Sacramento Street Blog for the pretty pictures πŸ™‚

The pretty storefront πŸ™‚

Yummy πŸ™‚

Imagine rocking these babies at your wedding?

I have a very unhealthy obsession with J. Crew jewelry! These pieces are beautiful!

Pretty Bride πŸ™‚

And pretty Bridesmaids πŸ™‚

Fancy Shmansy!

And at the end of the evening, J. Crew had pedicabs to take their guests home for free! So cute!

I will definitely be making a visit very soon!!!

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