Dressing with the stars

June 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve noticed that famous people tend to wear a lot of clothes and accessories all at once. It’s like they’re saying, “Yes I’m rich, look at all the things I own.” But more specifically, they all have 3 items in common. The giant sunglasses, the GIANT bag (always carried on the elbow) and the occasional scarf – b/c L.A. is soooo chilly. Seriously, take a look at my research. We’ll start with Exhibit A: The Olsen Twins.

Okay what is going on here? We’ve got accessories out the wazoo, we’ve got flip-flops, we’ve got fur coats, we’ve got a body-bag for a purse. This does not look like high fashion, this looks like signs of schizophrenia.

And exhibit B – the scarf, ginormous elbow bag, sunglasses combo. When in doubt, go with this holy fashion trinity.

What are they carrying in there that they need a bag so big?? Another giant bag? More giant sunglasses and scarfs? I don’t get it.


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