All Moved In!

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whew! We did it and there were no dish, furniture (or human!) casualties this time. Sweet. We finally have internet up and running again so I can reconnect with the world, so nice. It’s amazing how disconnected I felt without it. That’s probably not the most healthy state of mind when I have a panic attack about not being able to blog, check my mail every 8 minutes, or get on Facebook. Perhaps I should try an Eat, Pray, Love stunt like Julia Roberts, but who has time for that, psht!

We love our new apartment though! It’s much more spacious than our old apartment, and it’s cheaper, holla! Willie loves all the running around room he has…..well, I’m sure he’ll like it even more when he’s able to run around and not run into cardboard boxes. However, he does enjoy giving mommy heart attacks and hiding from her in the boxes and then popping out and attacking. Funny Wills, very funny. We’re going to be painting the walls in a few weeks when we have a free weekend with nothing planned, (sigh….that sounds so nice). And picking out paint colors is way more fun than I thought it would be! I could spend hours in the Home Depot aisles that contain Martha Stewart Paint. They’re beautiful. Jeff had to tear me away last night and refocus my attention on the issue at hand- ice trays. Sounds pretty lame, but we were in need of some ice! We don’t have an automatic ice maker in our freezer in the new place and we had been freezing ice cubes in our mini cupcake baking pan, odd. I got angry because I mean, come on, I need to use my mini cupcake baking pan like daily, (hello?!?), so we had to purchase some actual ice trays. And Home Depot delivered quite nicely on some, as well as a new shower head because Jeff towered 8 inches above our current one, bath rugs because Willie destroyed our last ones and paint supplies for whenever we find the time to paint.

And that’s a synopsis of my boring life right now. Hope you’re still awake 🙂


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