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August 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

Now that we’re all moved in, Jeff could make a fortune if he earned a dollar every time he heard me say, “I really want to make our apartment look really cute.” What? I’m a girl, of course I have visions of beautifully painted walls, cool furniture and absolute organization. Of course, in the real world, those things don’t always exist, but in my brain they do. And on the Young House Love blog they do! I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about this blog or not, but it recently has made a huge reappearance in my life as I’m trying to figure out cute, but very inexpensive, ways to spruce up our new home.

The blog is all about a couple who bought a house and essentially re-did EVERYTHING to make it their own. And they completed everything just in time for them to get married in their cute new backyard, how charming! The design inspiration is great, and it really gives you the confidence that you, too, can take on the challenge of redecorating your living space to meet your needs. Check out their blog, they have some great ideas and some wonderful eye candy, (some of my favorites below!)

Amazing Living Room

Adorable Nursery

Master Bedroom

The Cute Den!


§ 2 Responses to Design Inspiration

  • Lauren says:

    its lies… all lies, no way those people have a kid. kids toys are only come in roy g biv colors and are ginormous. in my living room now is a swing, some seat thing, exersaucer, and car seat… oh and the baby bjorn

  • rtm says:

    Is that english?

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