It's Official: She's Taking Over

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Who you may ask? Martha Stewart of course. Jeff and Willie were watching TV over the weekend while I was barefoot and in the kitchen slaving over dinner (taking the delivery pizza out of the box) when I heard a PetSmart commercial come on. It’s sad that I know the familiar jingle that plays during that commercial, specifically because Willie gets so freaking excited when it comes on. Anyway, I returned to my tedious task of studying our medium sized pepperoni pizza and deciding which four slices were the biggest so I could give them to Jeff, leaving me with the smaller 4 pieces so I could reassure myself that I really didn’t eat half of the pizza, when I hear Jeff exclaim, “OH MY GOD.”

Thinking Willie had gotten stuck in the bathtub again, or under the TV console, or pooped somewhere, I came out of the kitchen ready to assist with the doggy problem only to find both of my guys still lounging on the couch: the furry one curled up on a pillow enjoying a pig ear (ew, see previous post), and the hubsters staring at the TV looking slightly annoyed. I turned my attention to the screen and that’s when I saw her. Martha, in all of her crafty-glory, delicately arranging plush looking doggy beds  on PetSmart shelves, and intricately hanging adorable patterned leash/collar sets along the aisles.  Martha Stewart Pets has officially launched.

I gazed over at my swine ear eating puppy, and Jeff reluctantly looked up at me knowing exactly what was going through my head. He’d seen that look on my face before. That look right before Martha somehow takes over another part of our lives. First, it was our wedding. Then, our kitchen. Our bedroom fell victim to her shortly there after. And now, poor Willie has no idea what he may be getting into.


Christmas has indeed come early for the little guy 🙂


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