"Lasers Beams"

August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

This evening I am going to get my first ever facial. And not only that, but it’s going to be a laser facial. I know it sounds scary. But before you picture my face being burned off leaving me with bacon for skin, I’ve done research about it and it’s perfectly safe and pain free. It’s also $250 off the normal price thanks to Groupon. So wish me luck. I’m off to get zapped!


UPDATE! It’s over! And I still have a face! It didn’t hurt at all really. It just feels like something warm shining on your face. It is a little scary when you first smell burning, but they explain (and show) that it’s just your facial hair that’s burning. Hmm nothing quite like the smell of charred peach fuzz.

As far as results, all I really notice right now is a smoothness to the face and smaller pores. I don’t know what I really expected to happen (I walk out looking like Angelina). Even the lady that worked on my face had some wrinkles and blotches. I sort of expected her face to look flawless given that she does this kind of thing for a living. OR maybe she’s actually 109. Looking 55 isn’t so bad anymore. Now THAT would be impressive and I’d definitely do this again. Guess I’ll never know.


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