2Sisters Emmys Highlights

August 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

1.) Jimmy Fallon hosting

2.) Glee opening sequence

3.) Modern Family adopts George Clooney

4.) January Jones dress – Yes, I know. Most people are hating it. I don’t care though. I love it. It’s fashion-forward and refreshingly unique – even if it is being described as something that was “caught in a tornado of coffee filters, Madge’s vintage cone tits, Pepsi cans and cocktail umbrellas.”

“Seriously, January looks like she was in the middle of some hair-pulling sexy times with a married dude when his wife came home and so she had to jump out of the window fully nekkid! Then she was forced to make a dress with shit found in the recycle bin and a bottle of blue spray paint from the garage. The freshly fucked hair just pulls the whole beautiful mess together.”

5.) Alexander Skarsgard in a tux

6.) Lea Michele’s necklace

7. Ricky Gervais handing out beer


{images via Suicide Blonde}


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