5,6,7,8, Jazz Hands!

September 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, when Jeff and I first moved to NYC I used to get a real kick out of those people that we’d see walking down the sidewalk practicing the opening number to whatever Broadway show they were rehearsing for, (or pretending to rehearse for?) Seriously, it was hysterical. Full hair, full makeup and fully dancing their way down the street, headphones in and ignoring the rest of the world. I laughed at them. Jeff avoided contact with them and mumbled something about weirdos under his breath, but I laughed out loud at them.

Well, funny time is over my friends. Because on Friday, it became official. I became one of them. I had an appearance to dance in that evening and I was particularly nervous about it. So, in went my headphones and I skipped and danced the whole way to the subway and on the subway. It was shameless. Full makeup, huge hair and jazz hands included. All I needed was a little glitter and some lights and I would have been set to go. I had no shame, I looked like an idiot, Jeff would have walked on the other sidewalk to get away from me if he was with me. But I didn’t care. I was ready to perform and perform I did! Next time I should bring a tip jar I guess.


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