Our little bear gets a bear

September 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

While shopping for a friend’s baby shower gift, we wandered into this ridiculously cute store called Sprout. They have all these organically safe toys and clothes there that are super expensive, but super cute. I could do some SERIOUS damage in there if I had a lil sprout of my own ā€“ I mean look at how fashionable this baby slingy thing is:

However even I know paying $129 for this sucker (yes that’s what it cost) is completely not worth it. We ended up finding an affordable little shirt and bath puppet for the baby, but not before we found our little baby bear his own toy. Jack discovered some of the plush baby toys they had in the store and went NUTS over this little bear. Little organic bear guy was not exactly cheap – $15, but we couldn’t say no to that little happy face. So out of the store we all left, little bear in big bear’s mouth and very happy. God help us when we have a human baby. We will go broke for sure.


§ One Response to Our little bear gets a bear

  • Lauren says:

    i think randy and you need a little sprout, try sprouting a mcclure please. $129 is insane!! I thought $40 was bad for our little sling we got that colton doesnt even like.

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