More Halloween Party Tips!

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

The images above are not from my party (I wish). They were an inspiration though for me on how to make a creepy yet stylish and affordable Halloween party setting.

Here are some more tips on how to spice up your Halloween partaaay.

1. Haunted Punch Bowl

Buy some rubber gloves, inside them out (so you don’t get that nasty powder in your punch). Fill them with water, tie the end with a string and hang them up in your freezer so they keep their full hand shape. I suggest making 2 pairs of hands because once you put them in the punch bowl they melt fast!

2. Spooky Decor

Easy Peezy. Get cheap white sheets and drape all of your furniture. Buy a bunch of the fake cob web bags and a bag of plastic spiders to scatter all over the room. For mood lighting, swap out all your lights with black lights and candles. Don’t forget a jack-o-lantern!

3. Bathroom of Horrors

You can’t overlook the bathroom at your party. Everyone’s going to go there at least one time in the evening. They’ll get a fun and freaky surprise when they open the door to a pool of blood in the bathtub and REDRUM scrawled in lipstick on the mirror. I took one of those little fake blood bottles that you get with your makeup kit at Walgreens and squeezed it into the tub water. I also put some on my hands and left some fake bloody hand prints on the tile wall. Don’t worry, it all washes right off with water.

4. Specimen Jars

Take the labels off old pasta jars (nail polish remover works best!) and fill them with water. You can use fake rubber bugs, snakes, appendages, eyeballs, food like cauliflower (for brains), roots or even mushrooms clumped together. Anything that looks gross in a jar. Slap some creepy scientific labels on and you’re done. For an extra creepy effect add a touch of milk and a TINY bit of green or yellow food coloring for a murky liquid look. Below are the labels I made last year. Click on them to print them out. 5. Paranormal Pictures

I replaced a bunch of the pictures in my living room and hallway with these haunted portraits that I grabbed from online and printed out myself. Hang a few on the wall crooked to give it an extra creepy effect in case the demon baby isn’t scary enough for ya.

Voila!  Happy Halloween!


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