7 Things I learned in Maui – #1

November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

1. Applying sunscreen is a 2 person job.

So I thought I’d start with the obvious. The only place I got burnt during our entire Hawaiian vacation was on my back. That was on the day I didn’t have Randy to help me. Both of us went through an entire large bottle of 30 sunscreen in a week. We’re both super fair-skinned and convinced our babies will be born close to transparent they’ll be so pale. Sorry future babies.

Anyway, so how the heck do people apply lotion to their backs alone without getting those pretty manhandled streaks? I did a lil research and found out some options.

1. Buy one of those foam rolly things, squirt some some sunscreen on it, and roll over on it back and forth a few times. A paint roller would work too.

2. Pop your shoulder out of joint and shmear at will.

3. Be bold and ask an attractive stranger, pool boy, or surfer stud to rub some on ya.

4. Do like I did and squirt some on the back of your hand and blindly shmear it as best you can onto your upper back.

5. Or my favorite option, stay at the Ritz Carlton South Beach and get rubbed down by your own personal tanning butler. Now that’s some service.

Grr, why didn’t they have one of these in Maui?!


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