Picker Sisters

August 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

I think I’ve found my new favorite reality show. It’s on A&E and it’s called Picker Sisters. It’s the same premise as American Pickers except this time it’s 2 hot chicks driving across America picking up random junk for their upscale home decor shop in LA. This article on Huffington Post summed it up best describing it as “a horror movie waiting to happen” lol. If it weren’t for the giant camera crew they travel with, it would be a whole lot scarier for these gals approaching rando strangers in the backwoods of Louisiana. Deliverance anyone?

Regardless of the potential danger, I think it would be SO much fun traveling across the country finding old pieces like and converting them into upscale home decor. I love mixing old and new, and fragile textures like glass with wood and metal. Maybe Jack’s Master should do furniture! Okay okay maybe later. For now, check out some pictures from their shop I-10:

I love how chic they look while moving old rusty equipment.


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  • meghan says:

    When they drove over a bridge and talked about “how scary” it was with water on each side! I almost died. Hard to pick when you unable to look anything, because you are worried about snakes. Are you both in super trendy boots up to your knees?

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